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The Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS)

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten

LiteBrite is currently conducting CLASS observations in several counties across the state of Maryland.  If your program is interested in learning more about the services LiteBrite can provide to your program regarding CLASS, please contact Crystal Ey at or 410-459-9685

To learn more about the CLASS tool click here.

Observations and  Professional Development Support
The Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) uses research-driven insights to improve how teachers interact with children every day to cultivate supportive, structured, and engaging classroom experiences.  
CLASS is a flexible tool that focuses on the heart of great teaching: the teacher-student interactions proven to drive learning and development. The CLASS tool is recognized by many Quality Rating Improvement Systems (QRIS) and Head Start as the preferred tool to measure teacher-student interactions and improve child outcomes through observation and follow up support. LiteBrite certified CLASS observers can provide objective observations of your program using the CLASS tool along with recommendations and support for meeting program goals.
Professional Development
LiteBrite,LLC has several workshops to assist programs in improving teacher-student interactions in support of the CLASS tool.  We can work with your program to find training to meet your specific needs with improving interactions, classroom management, or instructional methods. 
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