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Required Trainings

Basic Health and Safety (5 HRS HSN)
This state developed curriculum addresses Maryland Child Care Licensing requirements. Key topics for this training include: establishing and maintaining safe, healthy environments, teaching all children and youth safe practices to prevent and reduce injuries, record keeping and policy considerations, identification and reporting of child abuse, neglect and injurious treatment, sanitation practices and appropriate supervision of all children and youth at all times.  
Including All Children and the Americans with Disabilities Act (3 Hours SN)
Childcare professionals will be presented with information, strategies, and resources on how to develop and implement an ECE environment that is inclusive to all children and families.  Participants will also receive an overview of the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Breastfeeding Support (1.5 Hours HSN) 
The childcare provider will be introduced to the content and requirements of the Breastfeeding Support Regulation.  Participants will explore resources that are available to support breastfeeding families, health and safety considerations for breastfed babies, and ways to create a welcoming and supportive environment for breastfeeding families.
Developmental Screening Overview (4 HRS) (2 Hours CD, 2 Hours PROF)
Required for all licensed staff and providers who will be conducting screening in 2017.
This training is designed for child care professionals as an overview of developmental screening and its benefits.  This training will explain the developmental screening MSDE/OCC regulation, effective communication with families, and referral processes.  This training will assist with the identification of developmental screening tools, appropriate collection of information and the purpose for on-going screening of children.  The childcare professional will be made aware of resources that are available in their community to assist providers, families and children with ongoing needs related to development.
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