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June Trainings


Addressing Multicultural Issues and Challenges in the Classroom

June 23, 2021 

Living in a multicultural society, there is great importance for educators and childcare providers to recognize the challenges facing children from different cultures. Educators and childcare providers will gain an understanding of these challenges as they learn about the impact of language and culture, acculturation process, cultural stereotypes, and differing classroom expectations. Participants will have the opportunity to develop their own educational philosophies based on knowledge, as well as their own background and experiences.


LiteBrite, LLC is dedicated to providing the highest quality of education and assistance to the early childhood community. It is our goal to support early learning professionals with skillful, engaging practices which foster exemplary quality care and cognitive development in children. It is our mission to be at the forefront of educating early childhood professionals by partnering and promoting the initiatives supported by MSDE. The core principles of the foundation to which we strive to uphold are parallel to the expectations the state of Maryland seeks in creating an exceptional early care community. 

A Note from LiteBrite:

In these unprecedented times, LiteBrite is working hard to continue to offer quality Professional Development trainings for the Early Childhood community.  We are pleased to announce that we are now offering many workshops from our course library VIRTUALLY!!!  Look for the virtual icon next to the title! 

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ELA training is now VIRTUAL!!

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